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You can earn money with us. The World Article is a free platform for all people. We are inviting you to start your writing career with us. We want Research and Experience (which you did before) content. Please read these guidelines before submitting your article.

Article Guide:

You don’t need to be an expert in Article writing. Very simple, you just write from your experience. You fell in trouble before. You solved the problem. You can share how to solve the problem. Basically, we focus on technological articles like coding solutions, problem-solving, etc. But you can post anything. But it needs to be necessary for people. You also share Scientific Research, Political Research, Funny, Stories, Review of any product. 

When we publish your post, we will pay you for your article. We are new now so we can’t give you much money after this year we will pay up to them who will stay what us. So you can earn money with us. You will earn money when we approved your article. Your earn money will be paid by Bitcoin. We will give money for each article.

You need to follow this:

  • The content language must be English.
  • We like to publish Research & Experience basis content. It will be [how to] basis contents.
  • The Article must be original.
  • We don’t accept copyright content.
  • You must be clear about the concept.
  • Don’t use unnecessary links and paragraphs.
  • Minimum 400-word article.

We will review your Article. If your article passed our author we will send an email to your account. We take 1-3 business days for review. You must need a Bitcoin wallet. You can sign up using the link.

If you have any questions, please contact us at admin@worldarticle.xyz

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