How to solve the Samsung M21 touch freeze issue

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How to solve the Samsung M21 touch freeze issue
samsung m21 touch problem

How to solve the Samsung M21 touch freeze issue

A big problem is the Samsung m21 touch freeze issue. I also face this problem. Sometimes it can be a software issue but a maximum of the time it is a hardware issue. 

I bought a second hand Samsung m21. I also face this problem. So, How to solve the Samsung M21 touch freeze issue. 

How can I understand it is a Samsung M21 touch freeze issue? 

  1. The touch doesn’t work when you run some app. [ I faced when I ran clash of clan game and when I used Facebook lite with high-quality images also if I capture High-quality images and saw them in Gallery. 
  2. Sometimes I unlocked my phone using a fingerprint but the touch didn’t work.
  3. On playing the game touch was working automatically. 

How to solve the Samsung m21 touch problem in this condition:

Step 1: If you face that type of problem you need to first reboot your phone. Samsung OS means One UI is the most popular multiple calculating. Mean you can run more than 3 or 4 apps at the same time. So it is cause for lagging. If you are using the (4/64) version. It can be the cause of touch problems. So try the reboot with the same model.

This method is: Press and hold the Power Button > Menu will pop up > Press and hold the Power off symbol for 3 to 4 seconds > You’ll see, “Reboot to safe mode” notification > Press Ok.

Step 2: If don’t solve with reboot, So you need to remove unnecessary apps. Like Google Drive, Photos etc. which you don’t use. You need to uninstall those apps. Then restart your phone. 

This method is: Press and hold the power button > Restart.

If solve don’t need to do anything. 

Step 3: Now you need to reset your phone. 

The Reset option of Samsung m21 is:

Setting > About Phone > Reset (scroll down and last you will get it) > Factory Data Reset.

Step 4: If the Samsung m21 freezing issue is not solved by these three methods. Mean of that it is a hardware issue. Generally, it’s the cause of the display. If you have the warranty on your phone you can go to the Samsung Serving Centre. They will fix it for free. If you haven’t the warranty they will take the service charge and display price. 

If you want you can change the display locally. 

You can see there is an official solution open the link.

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