Linux Lite OS full Review 2022

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OS Review 2022

Linux Lite OS Review

Linux Lite is a popular OS for low configuration computers. It is user-friendly. The Linux lite Operating System is based on Debian and Ubuntu. A team that director Jerry Bezencon is developed the OS. They give updates to users for a long time. They are the basic target windows user who wants to use their Desktop for development. The OS is a lite OS. So, Any user can use it on their PC. The Operating System can be used on an old PC. I am using this OS on an E machine Computer. There it works smoothly. 

What are the requirements of Linux Lite?

Minimum hardware requirements for Linux Lite are low. Your computer can easily fill their request.

  1. Ram requirement is only 768 MB ( Recommendation is 1GB)
  2. The CPU requirement is a 1 GHz Processor. 
  3.  The Display regulation VGA screen is 1024×768 resolution (recommended VGA, DVI or HDMI screen 1366×768)
  4. The Storage requirement is at least 8 GB.

How to install Linux Lite?

The OS installation is very easy. First, you need to download the ISO file from their official website and download a bootable file made like Rufus or USB universal installer. Now download the latest OS from the link.


Don’t use Etcher. I used it for the first time to make a bootable pen drive. It did not work for me. So, I am recommending you download a USB Universal Installer. It used it and it worked. 

how to Samsung m21 display problem

Now make a pen drive or CD bootable. It is so easy. Install the USB Universal Installer. It first selects your ISO to file type which means which file( Linux lite, Windows, Ubuntu etc.). Then select the ISO file and create it. It takes a maximum of 5 minutes.

Universal USB installer
USB system

After finishing the creation. Shut down the PC and start again. 

Now you get the installation details. To learn more about installing open the link

Install detail in this link

Can I install the Linux Lite on my device whose display regulation is 1024×680 px?

Yes. You can if your PC’s display resolution is 1024×680 px. But you need the OS version 5.4. I also installed it on my device whose display resolution was 1024× 680 px.

Does it have an interface?

Yes. It has a beautiful interface. Here you can see the installation app. Left corner below the interface you will get the menu option.

Linux Lite not booting when I turn the computer, why?

It causes your ISO file doesn’t boot properly. Use USB Universal Installer to make the USB bootable. 

Has Linux lite 32 bit?

From the version 4.0 it hasn’t any 32 bit. But before 4.0 you can get 32 bit.

How to get the driver for my device in Linux Lite?

You don’t need to think about the driver. They will take automatically the all drivers. Like WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Graphics, keyboard and mouse even USB drivers are also set automatically.

Which is the best for my PC windows 7 or Linux lite?

I can give you the guarantee Linux Lite will be the best. You can’t install the node.js version 17 on windows 7 but it can be installed on Linux lite. And also this OS will be faster than windows 7.

Does the terminal like Kali Linux?

Yes, you can do that which you can Kali Linux terminal.

Is lite OS still supported?

Yes, It is supported now. The development is developed version 6.0 which is realised on 21 June 2022.

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